Believe is all what I need

One time , A friend say that a person can be as great as he want to be  , he only need believe …He said That I should sacrifice the little things in life and pay price for the things that worthwhile… , I did want he say , I believed , I really did with all my heart , I believed that Life is beautiful , that I could achieve my dream and bring them to reality , I eliminated every synonym of fail in my dictionary , I drew a perfect life in my imagination , I believed more than everyone , That’s why I get hurt deeply,… I worked hard , so hard , I didn’t take a rest like everybody did , I didn’t enjoy my age like all did , hang in out with friends , dancing … I sacrifice all those things for studies , I putted all my dream , all my beliefs ; all my faith and my hope in my studies , I tough If I worked hard hard ,I could get a good marks ,make my parents proud of me, I took many roads that I tough it would lead me to success, I crushed my heart with every decision I took , I prayed days and night , I believed and still believe , but this life beats me a lot of time , I don’t have patience anymore , I can’t fight anymore , All my dreams died between my arms , I’m lost in the dark , I lost my way .. I just have one more thing , I have a candle , that represent the hope for me , I don’t have any one in my side and everyone want to put me down although I’m not sad because I have god with me , that He would never ever let me down , no matter the mistakes that I did and I still do , No matter anythings ….

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