no more hiding

Maybe I have been trying to hide my real feelings. Pretend to be happy all the time try to hide my weaknesses. In fact that today I felt very depressed by no reason. Just had same typical day but by the time when I got home I become all emotional all the sudden. My cousin told me its coming from the weight loose thing that I’m doing (no food after 6pm) but I don’t thing that’s the reason but still have no idea why. This happens quite amount of times lately. I feel like I need to do something but don’t know what.
I just wanna fell asleep for now.

2 thoughts on “no more hiding”

  1. Sounds like you are depressed. The weather there has not help this year. You need to get out in the sun and get some vitamin D:) If you can’t get some sun start taking some vitamin D3. Its awesome for a lot of conditions even weight loss. And really awesome for your mood. Take 2000mil agams a day. Make sure you eat healthy and get enough sleep and exercise. Take care of yourself before anything else.

  2. I take 2000 millagams of vit 3D every day. It is awesome:)

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