Summer Wedding – Pt 2

Photo – Is after our wedding ceremony,  – from left: eldest daughter Sonna, then our last daughter Nada, David, Me, David’s mum Lily and her then partner (now husband) Bryan.


We were married in the Onslow College hall, on Khandallah Road,

Wellington, right after the church service had finished. My friend

Catherine, had arranged the luncheon afterwards. Davids’ mother

Lillian and her partner Brian were there to share our day, also one

of the girls who attended college with our girls, Mary Ann. She had

spent so much time in our house, she was counted as, ‘one of our girls.’

The bride worn black!

Yes, I wore a black dress with black sandals and I carried a bouquet of my

favourite flowers, single white daisys! David wore black jeans and a white

shirt, Sonna & Nada wore black skirt/ black trousers and white blouses.

The girls were our witnesses, Nada was David’s ‘best person’ – and Sonya

was my ‘bride’s person. Had Dyd been able to come to Wellington that

weekend, he would have given me away. We were only formalising our

‘couple’ status for legalistic requirements, that’s all we were doing. Although,

after one sees in retrospect what an enormous difference making promises

before God and our family & friends makes: somehow, in a strangely

cosmic way it places the relationship on a whole‘other’ level with it’s own

“invisible guardians.” The ceremony itself was relatively short but I had

chosen the music. Two movingly beautiful songs of praise.’ one to be sung

half way through the ceremony, “Shout to The Lord.” – and the other to be

played on piano after the ceremony was over, “Psalm 42 – As the Deer

Pants For the Water.”


I had known that we were Not going to have our usual Christmas Turkey this year,

so I had stuffed and roasted a large turkey to be served as part of our wedding

luncheon. The turkey, I had prepared the day before, putting it into the oven

after we had got in from work, at about 5am; we would eat it with home-made

stuffing and cranberry sauce. It was to be our only ‘meat’ dish. Most of the

luncheon food had been acquired: club sandwiches, pastry savouries and little

tarts and cakes from the catering company, and I had bought 2 bottles of Asti

Riccadonna, (Italian bubbly,) to drink our toasts with and also, to drink with the

pavlova dessert.

Lillian had made a formal wedding cake and a fabulous fruit cake, and Sonya

had made 3 separate layers of Wedding Cake with pink and white icing and

silver ribbons. The centre piece of each cake was a red rose and pink

gypsophila. It was beautiful!

This was a ‘God appointed’ occasion, right there in that school hall, with only

our 2 daughters’ present: andJacinda’s Brian leading the singing, Mona’s

husband playing the piano, Catherine scuttling about seeing to the food, Kevin,

Catherine’s husband doing the reading about the seriousness of making vows,

Brian V. conducted the ceremony and he and his wife Joan, sang, the prelude

to the ceremony.

Lillian and Brian also contributed food, while Mary Ann had gifted wine glasses.

The gift from the fellowship, was a modern translation of the King James Bible

with a concordance. Just what I wanted! We dropped Mary Ann back at her

house, after the service was over, then we headed home. The girls had made

arrangements to stay the night at friends homes so that we could spend our

wedding night alone. As soon as we got home, we changed and went to bed,

to sleep! We were exhausted, and we’d only got in 5 hours sleep before our

Big Day!??

The end of the school year was approaching quite quickly. We had already given

notice to our employers that we would terminate our employment with them, on

the 20th December. We hoped to be on the road before Christmas Day. Those

were the longest, toughest 10 days!! At all the schools and Kindys, everyone

had celebrated by having a Christmas party, so there was always a huge mess!

We had, by the time we finished up, 3 schools and 9 kindy’s on our

weekly work schedule and we were working 14 to 16 hour days..


‘We moved out of our place with 2 girls and 5 cats on the 21st December. I

personally, did not care too much for Wellington, and I was pleased to see the

back of the place, but the girls loved it. They had made many friends and had

travelled to many places with school classes and groups. They also found it very

easy to get around Wellington, having travelled with us to many of our cleaning

posts, so they knew where they were going, and which bus or train to catch, in

order to get there! Sonya had gone with her Geography class over the Rimutakas

to see the river plains in the Wairarapa, and Lake Ferry – and she had walked up

Mount Ruapehu, (in the middle of North Island,) to the Crater Lake, with the same

class. They had both been in the Newlands College’ Maori Culture group – and

they had been the stars of the Newlands College’ Variety Show when along with

3 friends, they had formed a singing group which had sung so well, they were the

talk of the school for weeks afterwards!.Then at the end of the school year, they

walked off with the Top Art award in each of their classes.(Yes: both daughters are

artists, one of whom paints, the other draws!) Nadia for 6th Form – and Sonya for

7th Form. By the end of the year – both daughters were acclaimed artists and

Sonna was a qualified chef while Nads was a qualified seemstress! For David

and I, it had been a rough 11 months. What we needed was to get away, some place

quiet, to figure out what we wanted to do, and where we wanted to do it. I never

wanted to see Wellington again!

(Hah!! – “Famous last words,” eh!)


ToBeContinued …….. Emmi

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  1. What a beautiful ceremony emmi. You are a beautiful women emmi. Love this writing about your wedding:) Scott and I got married in back of a small house with a little yard. a judge married us. After we went to my nieces and had cake and coffee. Then we went off to the Oregon coast for a week for our honeymoon. We both agreed to have a reception later the following month. And it was a big barbecue in a beautiful park that was our favorite:) We had so much fun and the guests loved it. We played baseball and all kinds of games and it was a beautiful sunny day and the temps were perfect. I love your writing:) Waiting for more:) Hugs,

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