Good or bad?

people are all good and bad right? I think it all has to be how we have grown up and been raised, what we have gone through to make us into the person that we are. And some of us just so happened to get the raw end of the stick. On the surface you may look like that person had a really great childhood but really there is always something dark beneath the surface if you think about it. Everyone has a past that they wish they could get over or just plain forget but it’s never that simple is it. You fall in love and you get a heartbroken and it changes you for the complete worst and causes you not to trust anyone. Or you get raped and can’t seem to trust guys and the guy you end up loving you can’t let yourself trust them. It happens and I’m just saying that everything that you go through in life creates you as a person. Whether it’s a good or a bad person. It’s not even your fault if you end up being the person that, when you were little you told yourself that you were never going to be. Life is messed up and karma is a complete bitch. So it’s true when they say that you should never say never.

I truly hope that I can one day let someone into my closed doors and they would be crazy enough to love someone like me. It’s a hard life and we all have to play a part in it even if we may not want to in the first place.

Life is unexpected and so full of surprises and spirals. Taking us for a long hard ride that isn’t necessarily fun or exciting but rather painful like a knife twisting through your heart, making sure you are in the most agonizing pain.

You always get through it eventually though. It’s a part of life and you have no other choice. I hate when people start a relationship and say I love you right when you agree to go out with them. because you know it’s a lie and even if you want to believe it, you can’t. You can’t truly love a person until you know them completely. Most relationships end after you get to know that person because they say that you have changed but in reality you never changed, they just got to know you better and they decided they didn’t like you. Hey it happens and I’m not one to judge. After all I do have a pretty fucked up mind, who could love that. No one could last a day in my body with my mind. Let alone my nightmares that haunt my every thought. I guess that’s why I like Steven King so much because he has some crazy ass dreams and makes great movies and books out of them.

Well I am off to bed.

XOXO WhiteLies

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