The Silent Killer.

For me, from this, there is no reprieve, no rest-bite or escape. It’s like a poison that coarse’s silently through the veins of it’s victim unseen by those around. It’s not a killer but the most prolonged agony any human could have to endure, an ongoing pain that rarely ever fades from it’s victims life, for some it take their life. It’s that unrelenting grip of a love that shall never be returned that causes a soul destroying numbness within those it consumes.

…..I imagine her on her wedding day, it’s a picture perfect scene from your dreams, all the decoration and little individual touches are so perfectly her it’s like the fairytale you had been read and imagined as a child. The only thing out of place is that i’m not standing opposite her saying I do. To know that she will make that commitment to someone else breaks my heart.

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