What’s normal?

Everyone uses the expression that they wish they were more normal or that they would hate to be normal. What is normal though? I’m sure most people say normal is being sane while other people who say they would hate to be normal does that mean they think they are crazy? To me crazy is going psycho and killing someone. What would have to go through someones head for them to think killing a person is normal? Why would someone even want to kill another human being. To feel there whole essence leave there body as you drain the life out of them. To smell the blood shed and taste it on your tongue? it’s just plain wrong is what it is. That’s what i would consider far from normal, that’s way off loosing your humanity. People make excuses for killers and say that oh they weren’t in there right mind. Like that makes it okay and justifies why they would kill. I absolutely hate it when people are charged for murder and plead insanity so that they get off the hook and get to go to psych. Yeah that will teach them a lesson right. Oh and my favorite is when they blame it on religion and say god made me do it or it’s in the bible. No obviously you didn’t read that story all the way because god wanted the man to prove his love to him and see if he would actually do it but when it came down to it he told the man to stop. How is blaming it on religion normal consider thou shalt not kill is one of the commandments. People just want someone to blame their actions on. Well guess what your day will come and the only person you will be blaming is yourself.


Well off to bed today ’cause I woke up at seven in the morning for some bizzar reason.

XOXO WhiteLies

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