Leaving The Island …. Where We Went???

June 1996: – After Sonnas’ party, we had lots of discussions, and decided that we

would have to get ourselves off the island, and back into the rat-race. Not ideal,

we had had a gut-ful of the rat race…. but we knew that we could always runaway

back to the Island if we really needed to: and we knew that we couldn’t stay here

for much longer. It was great for a holiday, or retirement, but we were all at the

beginning of new directions and new lives! We still had things to do!

But, not one of us could decide what we wanted to do – or where we wanted to do

it. July we decided to take ‘baby steps’ – the first thing to do was to get off the island.

We did not have too much money left, so all we could afford, was to live at the

Caravan camp, (similar to a Trailer Park) – 20 minutes away from the island – and

about 10 minutes from the outer city; step two involved getting full-time work.

The day we moved: all four of us had to walk our stuff out from the house, down,

up, down and up the 3rd hill to our car. It had rained the previous week, and the

whole road had become boggy again! I don’t remember how many trips we made,

carrying stuff out – but the cats had been the last load! We had been living on the

Island for 7 months!

We  lived at the Blue Haven Motor Camp with our 6 cats,(Nada had adopted another

while on the island,) for 12 weeks.

Cats:  ( Evie, Trina, Lennox, Pokey, Booty and TC.)


We applied for a job where we had to live on a 5 acre property and work in the

gardens, planting produce for a market gardening enterprise. David and I renewed

our marriage vows here, amongst the grape and kiwifruit vines, on the 2nd of

December. We had all three children back living with us and our son Dylan was able

to witness our marriage vows. It was what had been missing from last years’ ceremony. 


 On the 10th, we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. This was to be our first and

final acknowledgement of that date. From this point onward, our anniversary was to be

the one designated by Holy Spirit. December 2nd. We were at the gardens for 4 weeks

when we deduced that our employers, could not afford to pay us!!


On the 23rd of December, we moved from the gardens to a place called Waiotira, which

means -“water of reeds.” (We were finally paid, but payday was also our moving date.)

So, we were there at the gardens for 2 months before we moved to Waiotira!

“1996 Christmas dinner was bought from the deli in town.”

We spent the first week scrubbing, cleaning, painting and configuring a shower head

from one of my watering cans’ sprinkle-heads! It was a rundown, poky old place – but

it had 4 bedrooms, a nice little kitchen once Nads had painted it, a great bathroom with

an even greater shower! A huge back yard, with a lemon tree and a white peach tree.

White peaches are freestone, they taste amazingly unlike yellow peaches. These are

my favourite peaches.


Whenever it rained, the fireplace leaked, and rivers of water ran all over the dining room

floor, and there were leaks in two bedrooms and in the hall. It was weird and leaky, but

all we needed was someplace where we could be quiet and decide what we wanted to

do, and where. This was just a rest-stop!



TBC – Emmi



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  1. Hullo Charlotte, Oh, my dear, it was such alot of fun living on the island. Not many mod cons, a very simple life, but we had so much food, free from the ocean. If we had been a longer established family, we could have made a permanent home on the island, but David & I were just beginning our marriage, the kids were ready to fly the coop, so there were still alot of things to do yet. It was a good place to start from.
    How are you?? I’m going to tryto come here and put up new posts every couple of days.
    Love & Hugs xxx

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