dream about you

it is the 2nd time I dream about you…but the first one, oh it was so good…

I went to your house for your birthday dinner and party, so as we were good friends you invited me to stay the night. We had dinner, we partied all night, then we got home and none of us was sleepy so you suggested to watch a movie. We went to the living room and covered ourselves up with a blanket and  sat there watching it. One hour of the movie passed and you put your arm around me, I looked at you and ask you what were you doing, then you said ”you’re so beautiful..”, I just couldn’t believe that you, the boy I secretly liked,  has just told me that. ”are you ok?”, I asked. And you, getting closer answered ”I’m just fine”. With faces even closer I smiled and just couldn’t handle it anymore, I just grabbed your face and kissed you. I swear that moment was perfect. After a deep conversation about our feelings we fell asleep in each other arms.

oh well but it was only just a dream.
How I wish you liked me this way too.

love, me

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