Today I am honestly fed up with people in general. I have dedicated my life to try and understand people I find it fascinating. Yet there are times where I become utterly frustrated by the behavior of others. I really don’t understand those who state that they don’t care, about what others feel or think. They then turn around become utter assholes to others, they play games, and have no caring for how that utter person feels. That’s is where I get frustrated because I don’t understand how someone can willingly hurt another person with no regards to their feelings. That is a human being that you are messing with someone who can laugh, feel, and cry. Yet you treat them like a object. That to me is the lowest of low. Now I guess I have been cursed because I can feel pain of others and I am in tune with that. That’s why I always want to help. Yet when I run into those who all I feel is cold hatred and a feeling that they just want to lash out not really caring who they hurt those are the people who honestly scare me. They are the ones I just cant understand and truthfully probably don’t want to. When I do find them they usually leave me with a cold sinking feeling that just stays with me and bothers me. At times even makes me cry.

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