summer is almost here

We had amazing day today in Chicago. Almost 60 degrees and sunny. So I decided to put on my skate and go out to lake after church. First time this year felf so great to be skating around lake. However, after a long break my body couldn’t keep up with my mind. I had to take extra more breaks to get to the downtown took me about an hour to get there plun the wind blowing against me which made it way harder. After hitting the downtown, I head back to home and in the middle of the road I saw my friend came out for skating too. It was funny that I ran into them. I tried to do more runs with them but had to give up cause I got cramp on both legs lol. Took another hour to get back going really slow so I donlt get cramp cause it tend to happen consistently once I get it. Anyways, it was good day. Yeah summer is almost here!

Also I found a place that might work out for me just have to call them tomorrow to see it’s still available or not.

Sharing some pictures I took today.

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