One thing that really bothers me is how immature guys can be, no matter how old they are. It’s incredible how girls can pour their heart out and express so much emotion and yet all guys ever seem to want is sex. Seriously?

A huge pet peeve of mine. Something guys don’t ever seem to realize: one of the sexiest things a guy could do is express his emotions. I’m not saying you have to be a little girl about it and pour your heart out, but at least show you care about something other than sex. Guys are more likely to get laid when they least expect it. Personally, I will willingly have sex with a guy I like if he hardly ever brings up anything sexually and shows that he cares about me and how I feel instead turning everything into sex. It’s different when it’s just every now and then, I get that. But seriously? Come on.

Nothing makes me more mad when guys only care about one thing. GUYS NEED TO GROW UP.

One thought on “Annoyed.”

  1. I know how that is. 2 years ago, I had a boyfriend who wanted to lose it so bad and was trying to rush it.I’m no virgin or anything but I don’t have sex with random people. That’s just not right. I praise you for trusting your instincts and expressing on how you feel about it. Guys really need to grow up.

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