I am just so tired of trying to make things work. Right now at this point that I found out that my dad has been talking to other women and watching porn is just so frustrating. Everyone in my family already knows that I’m the one who argues with my mom the most and gets her angry, but these past few months I have been trying not to argue with her as much. My mom and I think the pills that I am taking are the ones causing my mood swings. I have thyroid problems so I take pills to control it, but every time I forget to take them my mom says that she sees that I am like happier. And when I take them, which would be on a daily basis, I get moody and get mad at her for no reason. That’s besides the point here; what I’m really trying to say is that now that she knows about my dad I am trying harder to not get her mad or anything. How she found out is that my little sister, Denise, found a laptop in their closet (all three of them share a walking closet) and told my mom about it. When all of us were on our way to my grandma’s house (one hour car ride) us, five kids were on our devices listening to music. Then I over heard my mom talking to my dad and telling him that that wasn’t the first time that he had done something like this. And now I feel like I don’t know what to do. I am mad at my dad, but my parents don’t know that I know what is going on.

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