Update on Life

Today has been the anniversary of hitch-hiking. Hitch-hiking is walking to random destinations with limited resources. For me, it’s personal hygiene, clothes, wifi, cellphone signals, and communication. 

Because of dropping outta college, no one hiring me (even though I was constantly calling managers, re-applying, and visiting the places themselves), abusive family household, and some other…things, I was kicked outta my house and forced to leave. That was in Akron, Ohio.

Since then, I’ve been to Alliance, Edinsburgh, Youngstown, North Canton, Springfield, Columbus, Urbana… Too many cities and towns I can’t remember…

Right now, I’ll be staying at a 24-hour McDonald’s here in Zanesville (I’ve been here for 3 weeks; most the story here is complicated) and whenever my friend gets off work, he’ll be taking me to Lancaster, just south of Columbus, capital of lovely Ohio… *sighs* There, my friend Rob got me a job at his workshop as a receptionist and helping people out.

Well, looks like my stomach is growling. I’ll give you guys an update on everything when things get straightened out. Rain’s not gonna give up any time soon, but I’ll be in touch…

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