Week 4 Journal Entry 4


My boyfriend and I have now officially been together for 4 weeks now. These past four weeks have truly been the greatest 4 weeks of my life even though I’ve had my ups and downs. Whenever I am not feeling happy all I have to do is think of him and at that point my whole mood changes from not feeling happy to being happy. Today also marks 27 days left till he gets stationed hopefully somewhere closer to me. For the past 4 weeks that I have been with Corey I have come to love this boy of where my sociology professor calls it “love crack.” But hey as the saying goes “you’ll know when you have found the one.”  To be honest I pretty much may have just found Corey to be the one by “the one” I mean the love of my life. My wonderful signature sign off is different love quotes so with that I say to you all that “if  someone really loves you, they wouldn’t  let you slip away. No matter how hard the situation is.”

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