On Leaving McKenzie Bay!


This is where my health finally “hit the wall” and I wound up in hospital.


This is where David first began milking cows for a fellow up the road.


This is where I found the earth- embankment that I had dreamed about


so many months ago, the ocean that lapped the shore beside the road,


was just around the corner from the earth embankment. The winter was


warm, the trees sang around the house, it was gorgeous!! We had


moved into the house, May 10 1997.






This is where the rebounding children started!! First, Nads wanted to come


stay. She was totally sick of living with Sonna. She considered her sister


lazy, she never cleaned up after herself, and she wouldn’t pay her half of the


rent, on time. – So I let Nads come home. Dylan had come to visit from his


home in Auckland.




After a couple of months Nads decided that she wanted to go back to live


in Wellington. She booked her bus tickets from Auckland to Wellington – then


we took her to stay with my mum in Auckland, where she would leave from, to


go to Wellington, and we came back home to McKenzie Bay. Nadia would stay


with David’s mother & her partner, in Wellington. My children were seasoned


travellers. They had learned how to get from point A to point B, how to organise


them selves, how to pack cases etc… they no longer needed me to chase them


around. Sonya was living in another place with some friends from Polytech.






After Nads had gone, I was admitted to hospital for a couple of days, (having


found that I had an enlarged heart – and Heart Failure -) then later around


Christmas, Sonna came to spend the holidays. In the New Year – friends of mine


from Elim Church, where we had been fellowshipping, came out to the house.


When we had gone out for a walk around the hills, one of our friends, another


maori woman, like myself, wouldn’t come. We asked why not and she said,


because people have died up on those hills, and they had not been buried. The


hills are tapu. (should not be walked upon until the spirits of those people had


been laid to rest.) Then she went out and spoke to the hills, (rather, to the spirits


of those people,) in te reo Maori: – while she was speaking, a gentle mist of fine


rain drifted over us. She said that the heavens were mourning those people. Was


I scared, No! Did I believe her, Yes, I did, in fact, this may have been the reason


that we had been brought here! To bring discernment and conclusion, after all –


it was my paternal grandmother and her three brothers, who were the chiefs of this


entire Whangarei Heads – right up to the colonisation of this area! There had been


a history of people here hundreds of years before European colonisation of these


Islands. Those were the peoples whom my friend had been referring to .Afterwards,


we talked, then they went home.






Four weeks later, – I was napping in my gorgeous bedroom which looked out to the


sea, when I awoke with a start. I called David.


We have to move! “What”, he said – We have to move now!. “Why?” I’ve just had a


dream of a woman standing under one of the trees, up on those hills calling to me,


and it means that we have to leave,” I said.


David humm-ed and haaa-ed, moaning just under his breath about paranoid women


who have silly dreams etc….But I was up, out of bed, and on the phone to find out


where there were places to rent in Whangarei city. This was February 1998.


I called a number and a woman answered! She said that the place was 3 bdrms,


lounge, kitchen, bathroom, laundry – situated in the avenues – almost in the


middle of town, within good walking distance of everything. I explained that we had


no vehicle so I could not come see it today: she said, “I’ll come & get you!” And she


did! When she brought me home – I had the tendancy agreement all signed and


sealed, tucked away in my hand bag! David was not surprised or fazed at all: he


simply buckled down to help me pack!




We moved into 1st Avenue, Whangarei on the 1st March, 1998 – two weeks after I had


had the dream.




TBC – Emmi


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  1. Hi Charlotte, I know you’re following this story so I thought I’d leave a messae here about a change to my Email address because the old one was getting spammed.
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    Hope you’re well, and that your spring is in full swing!!
    Hugs, Emmi xxx

  2. Thank you emmi for the email:) Yes our weather has been beautiful. Now i can’t wait to plant our veggie garden and my container flowers garden. We just had a terrible mudslide here in OSO Washington and it killed 18 people and injured 12 and 8 were found unhurt. It was so bad and devastating. so glad you got out when you did. Hope your well also and have a good Summer:)

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