feel sick

I have this runny nose from last night and today I feel sick. I haven’t got a cold for over an year and seems like I finally got one. So now I’m deeply regretting the thing that I did yesterday. I decided to go on a skate with a short sleeve t-shirt in 30 something degrees weather. I skated down to Lincoln park from where I leave and it took about an hour to get there. Right after I got to my friend place, I started having runny nose. yeah it was a bad decision.

Hopefully, I get better by tomorrow so I can go to work. I didn’t do much today since I don’t feel good. church in the morning and had a lunch with my friends and still looking for an apartment. I found a one right next to my place that does have good price but the owner did not pick up the phone. He probably have someone already but I will call again tomorrow to make sure.

Hope all of you had a good weekend and don’t get sick!

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  1. Grate or slice Garlic and ginger into your meals, – everyone else will hate the smell, but it’ll kill those cold/flu bugs and have you up & about in no time! ALWAYS wear a sweater in the transition seasons: Fall and Spring!
    Here’s To Your Good Health!

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