Am I Crazy?

I was like seriously so close on talking to him. To TGITPS, he came outside a couple of times, but I was angry at him for pulling a disappearing act for like 2 years. In that case I didn’t look at him when he was looking at me. I turned away and kept walking. The second time another person came out and probably told him to go inside, so he did. I was just about to ask him ‘why?’ Why now? Why has he barely come back now? Why did he talk to me in the first place, ever? Why did he make it so easy to make me fall for him? Why can’t I forget about him? It has been about four years since I met him. Fours years when I was only twelve years old and now I am sixteen years old waiting for him for the last three years to talk to me again. But no all he ever does is just stare at me. And the feeling of pain hurts me, it kills me inside knowing that I really like him and I don’t know if he feels the same way. 

XOXO Lizquiet

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