Bright of Hope

Just had discovered that life is amazing

just had found the bright spot that came into your dark, empty room

just knew life does worth it.


Good days flies so fast that we even can not notice how fast it went by.

When you find the hope and happiness where there was not any

and you try to hold on it  so hard

feeling scared and anxious to loss it , but what do you know? 

All of sudden it just disappeared .


you go back to your darkness loneliness 

which had become even darker and emptier.

you forget all of your problems , but losing that HOPE is your biggest and only worries now.

All what you can do now is to suffer because you can not let it GO .

You smoke , drink, listen to LET HER GO and go over old pictures 

that give you that feeling when you want to cry and laugh

it sends you to the wild grift mode


Nothing is harder then losing somebody who you loved even more then yourself 

it herds so much when you know that they do not have the same feelings toward you.

Even though one day in the past you thought they did so.


You try so hard, you offer all of your focus and time to just get over them

but you know that you are still deeply in love and you are willing to do anything for them

even if that includes your own live. 


You always had been so so nice to them

have done and still do whatever that would make then smile

you even got to that point when you lose your dignity which has been always something  very importuned to you

and you start wondering WHY THE HALL AM I DOING THIS? 


However, there is something you do not learn until you lose them


You know that you have to move on and get over them 

It is the right thing to do 

not because you want to , but because you have to .

Unfortuationly, you will find yourself surrounded and overthinking of them all the time

Yes, it is not that easy 

it so hard to lose happiness after experiencing it and knowing how it  feels.

Then you just sit there and HOPE to get the chance to experience it again .

Well,  at least you still have hope .



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