first bbq of this year

Yes we did the first bbq for this year. It was very short but awesome. Went to my friend place right after work with stuffs for burger. When I get there my friend was already working om chickens so we started with that and made burger after. I ate so much I’m still having a hard time digesting all that food I had. We didn’t stay long after the bbq cause of the drinking last night got us really tired. So I came back to homw around 9:30 and trying to take a rest. Well I will go to sleep after this journal.
So that’s that and another thing that my wordpress theme got finally approved and it’s now available on wordpress official site. Feel so good about it. Hope it helps lot of people out to build their own theme.
Really tired now have to go sleep. My face skin got break out so bad cause I didn’t have enough sleep lately plus I have been feeling tired for whole week.

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