skating again

Such a beautiful day here in Chicago. It actually went up to 70 degrees finally and I had to take advantage of it! So I got out to lake as soon as I got home and skated to downtown. I got a feeling that it will become my daily routine. Felt so good to skate aground in thia amazing weather. I had to stop on the way back cause my friend wanted to have a dinner with me and he actually came to pick me up on my way back to home. So we went to the African restaurant that I always wanted to try. Well it wasn’t that good than I expected but the rice was really good. Also foind out they are Nigerian restaurant.
We came back to my place had a bottle of beer. He left little bit after and I finnal get to take a shower. Feel really good right now fully ready to go to sleep. I’m plannig to have really good sleep tonight! Hope u do too. Goodnight.

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