Sit back, relax this shit might be all night. Release from all the pain, free the demons, make me right. I will try to tell this story but ive only ever tried.  Guess it all began when my childhood died, lost and scared behind the darkest eyes mad and confused, starts a fucked up life. Thats why i couldnt see i couldnt breath was trapped inside. Now im too old and pissed off to hold that shit inside,  it’s so dark ’round my heart its hard to crack a fkin smile.  So many things i keep inside, from memories to tragedies, ive always repressed these please take these things from me, all I need in life is a little peace,to get some sleep, all shields are down my soul is weak, no words to say nor voice to speak.  Heal my mind restore my strength this BitterNess inside is deep, it always gets the best, stalks me If go to sleep I wake up from awful things, to my knees Dear Lord please take these demons outta of me I yell out Please help me im too close to six feet. But whats broke to fix me?   its so dark-so twisted, an evil fucking lie, a wolf wearin sheeps fur, why wear a damn disguise?  Right is just right there and wrong is eating me alive!  Ive got no where to run nor hide, My Evil has a home inside, a prison cell servin life, my very own fucked up ride, be strong and youll get by, weak wont make it out alive. Hatred swarming in the hive. I went there til I lived there my evil snorted lines. My life had really come to this, only lonely by my side. Blind as I recall an empty mess left of a child. Stranded at rock bottom, happy endings out of sight. Sometimes reality hits so hard theres nothing left to fight  Still to end so  sad or end so bad you’ll change but youll survive to learn and teach a better life,  gaining sight for unopen eyes the truth is just beneath the lies. There are no gaurentees in life except that we all someday die so while were waiting in this line doesn’t matter rain or shine, make yourself your own design.



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