My Grandfather the pervert

Dear diary , I was 12 years old when I first saw my grandfather ,masturbating… he was peaking through the bathroom door wile his wife’s sister was in there. I was shocked , disgusted and embarrassed. I caught him masturbating allot in public areas of the house. How could it be I was the only one who knew. I once caught him smelling my underwear, What a sick fuck and the worst part is no one believed me. My whole family thought I was lying my brother would not even speak to me….They all hated me.
7 years later I ask myself if they really thought I was lying…I think they were just protecting him. They knew the truth.


2 thoughts on “My Grandfather the pervert”

  1. I have a similar experience, i tried to tell on my grandfather, yet no one believed me. they all got mad at me, said i was just a kid, and i never spoke of it again. Ever since I can remember my grandpa used to pick me up and hold me in such a way that he would touch me without anyone noticing. when he would make me sit on his lap, he would place me perfectly over him and hump me when no one was looking. just ever so slightly, and no one would notice. I know how you feel, and I would tell you to try to resolve your feelings before it is too late. my grandpa died with me hating him and no one really knowing. it eats away at you, even after they are gone!

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