Getting busy

So this is what’s going on with me lately. Work as a full time visual designer as usual, working out on my lunch break and I lost about 10 lb over the past couple weeks. Planning to loose 10 more pound before the summer. I won a book cover design contest so I have been spending some of my free time working on that cover design. Today, I had a meeting with Damon who’s developing the Facebook game and I have to get back to him with art work information. After that, we had an awesome dinner with lots of new people in skate group. It’s always good to meet new people and get to know them. So there will be about 3 skating meeting every month over the summer which I’m really excited about.

Seems like my life is getting pretty busy. I also submitted WordPress theme on and I have to take care of that too. Just wanted to write things down and try to organize all that. It’s good that I get to know more people and get involved with different project and the activities. It seems little bit overloaded but I’m pretty sure I can handle all this.

So it’s 10:25PM on Sunday night and I’m ready to go to sleep for tomorrow. I need to have more sleeps cause I have been feeling really tired all week and my face skin got broke up so bad.

Hope all of you had a great weekend. Almost forgot to mention that I submitted application for new apartment today and see how that goes. It’s two bed and two bath room apartment about 2 mins away from where I live now. It’s perfect except for the second bed room cause it’s kind of small but I’m pretty sure we can work this out.

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