Morbid Throwback Monday #1

I feel like crying, But i have forgotten how.
No one to talk to, alone I am now.
I haven’t slept in days, getting tired and weak In fear lost my voice, no need to speak.
My body is losing strength as I continue not to eat
My legs are numb I cannot walk or feel my feet.
I guess the music stopped though I begged for it to stay..
I feel like I am close to death, slowly life turns to a haze.
chills roll down my spine as I feel my spirit break
My heart is beating slower with every breath that i take.
I am feeling uncertain where my reasons lie
I know its the end now, no matter the why
Its clear to see.. This is it for me.
The reapers axe through my eyes and now i cannot see.
With all thats gone I have no life or memories to relive
Ive tried so hard I have nothing, gave all I had to give.
All I can do is lay here and even that causes pain
I try to laugh I try to smile but still i feel the same.
Death smothers me in darkness And I remember how to cry
I was born, I loved, I hurt, I lived and Now its time to die.

A Time To…  by V.Fantastic

September 12, 2003

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