You gotta want it


You gotta want it.


You gotta work for it.


You gotta suffer.


Do it alone.


Strive to thrive.

I gotta figure some shit out.

Get out.

Get going.

I want to run, run, run, but I have to just jog and take it easy.

I want shit to be done NOW. But then I realize I need to relax and let things fall into place.

Life is a real  lesson ain’t it?

Slow down, appreciate the moment, and stop wanting more. But what would I be, WHO would I be if I wasn’t constantly trying to get better, stronger, faster, smarter?

Sick to my stomach, I couldn’t figure out where it came from. Now I know. It’s change. It’s a roller coaster. It’s life warning me that this is it. Time to go. Time to move on. Suck it up. Live smaller. Spend less. Save more. Find happiness. Quit the bullshit.



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