Playing the victim


Dear diary , I haven’t called or seen my mother in a wile…it’s kind of hard to face her I hate confrontation. She wants me to open up to her and talk about my problems but how can I do that when she’s one of my biggest issues? She is always on the defence. Never admitting how bad of a mother she was. I think her therapists over the years have been filling her head with bullshit. The it’s not your fault , you did what you can under the circumstances and I’m hear to listen does not exactly solve the problem they then prescribe you medication to ”make it all better” . Her therapists only know her side of the story only her point of view, she  exaggerates and lies to make herself seem less of a bad mother.  They don’t know what REALLY goes on and how she REALLY behaves and what she REALLY has done. She’s wasting  her money basically only paying them to hear what she wants to hear  ……lies for sympathy  woe is me  and pity party sessions…she plays the victim and I am sick of it.

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