Haven’t written a diary entry in ages! I just couldn’t be bothered.. I always feel lonely and an outsider. I have this friend, she’s a great one, but ever since this year; she found out that someone liked her and been hanging out with that person everyday both recess and lunch at school. She only comes up to me when I’m her only option and she only talks to me in the classes we have together.

She’s quite annoying now because she only talks about this “person” and bitches about him and even though I don’t want to know, I kind of do at the same time because sometimes he talks shit about me like he would say whenever I look at him it’s like I want to kill him and that he thinks I’m jealous of him and my friend even though their not even dating.

He just pisses me off all the time, and everyone says that they would be a good couple but no one is really opening their eyes, he only likes her because of her looks, she is a pretty girl but he has already said “I love you” to my friend and he’s only in year 8! He’s been crushing on her since last year but my friend didn’t know and they didn’t even know or talked to each other last year at all.

And the things he says to her is just unbelievable, you don’t know this girl and you have already said the L word. I could go on and on but I don’t want too. I just want him GONE.

I’ve been feeling really lonely this past few months, I don’t know what to do anymore. i have nowhere to go, I’m just stuck at home, my other friends aren’t allowed to go out, my parents are never home, I have no sibling. So I’m very alone. People say I’m lucky not to have siblings but I don’t think so, maybe.. yeah.. their annoying but … you’ve got someone, I have no one, I don’t even have a boyfriend! I need ONEE! Jokes I hate love.

Love is unsuccessful in my family, and there’s barely any love in this world like in movies.

I’m gonna stop, my fingers are annoying me.



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