Week 6 Journal Entry 6

Today marks 1 month and 2 weeks since my boyfriend Corey and I have been together. On some nights like these when I know that I am missing him a lot, I lay awake with so much on my mind that it’s hard for me to go to sleep. Knowing that the one I love is going through a tough time and the fact that I can’t be there with him in person to comfort him is enough pain already. Knowing that I am far from him and not being able to do anything but be there when he video chat calls me kills me inside.
No matter what I do to get my mind off of how much I miss him. Nothing seems to work because I find myself spiraling into a state of sadness that no girl would ever want to go through. Everyday that I wake up and I don’t hear from him all day I just want to cry because of how much it hurts knowing I miss him so much.

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