New Year Bash

It was the last day of the year. I had been on bed for long due to Slipped Disc. Getting a New Year Bash invitation from Niketh was no less than getting a free foreign holidays offer.  I was excited. Year 2013 really proved that 13 is inauspicious. A Heart crushing breakup and Slipped Disc were the only thing, I remember, happened in ’13.  I had not told my break story to anyone but Ankur and Dangu. I decided to pour my heart out now.

Preparations for the party started. We managed to get a projector from Niketh’s office, food, sutta-daaru and ganza. Soon everyone, Niketh, PP, Shrenik n me were in Niketh’s home in Indiranagar.  In one corner PP was sitting and doing something with some leaves. Later I was told that he is preparing ganza !! lol how he was making it. Projector was setup and youtube videos were on. Arora was asked to suggest some good A movies, his suggestion came – Pyaasi Dulhan !!

Everyone shared how year ’13 went for them. I bored everyone with my problems in ’13 🙂 Here came a turning point in my life. Shrenik committed to help me out. He was no less than a God to me…he promised to make me friend with one of her friend – Sujata (changed name). “Maine PiPi ko nahi dekha tha….mere liye to Shrenik hi God tha” 😀 Later Sujata becomes a good friend of mine. Meanwhile PP got a call from his gf and he had to leave. Man, he was the lucky one among us 😀 He was downstairs when his gf called again, I received the call and hear “hello” from the other side. I was thinking, “O Man! after how long I am hearing a girl’s voice!!”

PP was gone and Shrenik was sleeping on the couch with literally holding a cake and a beer in his hands, when Niketh returned after leaving PP to his gf. We made Shrenik sleep on bed and did our typical Amigos++ type stalking for around half an hour and then we also went to bed.

It was a new year morning. Shrenik was still sleeping, so Niketh and I had the first breakfast of the year at Mac’D, though we tagged Shrenik as well in our FB status 😛 I will not forget the soothing conversation about my breakup, I had with Niketh in that breakfast.

We came back and then Shrenik woke up. Niketh’s words were, “Tune saal ki pahli nazar me Bora ko dekha to tu saal bhar bando ko hi dekhta rahega” 😀 Though it’s a different story ki Shrenik ne kya kya dekh liya.

My new year resolution was that I will be happy this year. My perception about drinking was changed, now I proudly started saying, “I am an occasional drinker.” Without “Teacher’s help” I could not have shared my feelings that night and it was wonderful, it relieved.

31st night


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