It’s finally April, and it is almost May at this point. Which means officially on May 10th, 5 days after my birthday, I have only a month left of school. It finally warmed up, and I read outside with my dog by my side. It was nice, and I wish I could feel so at peace literally all the time. Ugh. Life is but a dream.

I feel like my lies are slowly starting to catch up with me. But the good news is, is that I’m moving. And none of my old friends will be at my new school. Hoorah. And most of the things I lied about are coming true. So I guess they’re just exaggerations.

My life at my school right now kind of sucks, but when I get to my new one it’s going to be like a manifesto of LAUREN 2.0. Neo Lauren? What crap is this. I still like journaling in person better, but online is much more accessible. My old blogs and journals are kind of lost in CYBERSPACE so this will be a cool experience.

I am so excited for the future. I have it alllllll planned out which makes me feel like some kind of mastermind or something. But I can’t say I don’t enjoy the feeling. I love being in control. It’s not like an OCD type compulsion; I just like calling the shots. Sometimes that leads to some heavy manipulation and planning on my part, but I like it. I dunno. It’s the one thing I can do right.

That’s a whole nother round of whinging. But all my sisters and brothers, they’ve got talents, humor, I’m really good at… sitting around. And complaining. And hiding things from people. I think it’s fun. I think it’s fun to kind of play with the rules.  I like to pretend to know what I’m doing. Cool beans.

I’ll talk to you in a few, GoodNightJournal.

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