porkchop for breakfast

Woke up around 8am and craving porkchop for some reason with grape lol. So I went ro grocery market got porkchop and grape. I was confidence that I could cook porkchop really good as my friend cooked for me couple days ago cause I still have all the spices she picked up. So I tried do the same as she did and it turned out ok visually but the taste was not the same. I must missed something or put something else it doesn’t need. I should have payed for attention when she cooked it. Well it doesn’t tastes bad though.

We are having a beautiful sunny day here in chicago. I will go out to lake for skating later for sure. Today, I habe to finish up for the UI freelance stuff and ask for the price and take care of some of my websites.  Since I have couple other personal projects to keep up.

I don’t know what people usually do on easter weekend but I will just gonna have peaceful weekend like last night.

Happy easter!

The picture above is the one my friend made and the one below is the one I made today. It tastes better than it looks!

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