Adventures of a Singer in New York

11:25 pm

Well ladies and gents, Kristy is well on her way.


So many people to meet and speak with and connect with in New York City. Today a man came in to the vegan café I’m working at, who has art in a gallery down the street. I told him I do art as well and he gave me the contact info and suggested I submit stuff. I might do just that. Plus, living in my aunt’s art studio is so darn inspiring I’ve been painting in my dreams. I NEED to work on art. It’s been a while since I finished anything extravagant. But alas, I have to remember the wonderful motivational, yet slightly unsettling quote, “Don’t give up what you want most for what you want now.” I want to spend hours upon hours writing poetry and stories as well as painting and drawing, but I should devote any free time I have to my music. That’s what I want most in life. So that’s what I must do.


I’m in touch with people who play music and want to perform gigs. So now I just have to make it happen. There’s a man out of town who will be returning to the city soon who is excited to start booking gigs with me. I’m waiting to hear back from a music studio. All exciting, but frustrating, as waiting is a game that I am not fond of.


I love my music and my weird, hard-to-place genre. But I feel like the brainwashed cookie-cutter world will have a hard time getting into it. Enter the boyfriend with his fabulous studio and engineering capabilities. Today he started working on a pop crap track. His plan along with his engineering buddy is to create a generic pop album that employs the exact structure of all the popular songs out there, with campy lyrics and techno beats. I am still going to push my music into the world, but I’m also going to work with him on this pop album and give the world what they want to hear and just see what happens.


I’m living rent-free at the moment, my fridge is STOCKED. Well, it’s a mini fridge, and it’s full, so I feel slightly rich. I’m starting up gig possibilities, saving up money working at my café, and best of all…I’M IN NEW YORK! So many opportunities and connections to make. I’m so impatient though. My dreams need to hurry up and get here. I was always trying, but now I’m going to make it happen.

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