Standing On Higher Ground!!


Our Pets: Tippy our 6 yr old Huntaway.

Evie – as a kitten she had screamed at Sonna & Nada one day when

 we had gone to the vet service to pick up one of our 6 cats: then had come

the pleading … and I had given in,  so we then had a 7th cat!



This was the cat whom David had adopted while living in New Market!


…and Trina, whom I called “Trina Bean or Miss Bean, ” She was so tough, she

was my and Dylan’s cat when she was young, and she had kept everyone in

line for 16 years. Nads had immortalised her in acrylic paints, when she was

7 yrs old. She certainly kept all the dogs in the neighbourhood in line too –

including my dog Tip!


When the water had got to the second step from the top of our deck, and

most of my gardens couldn’t be seen anymore, Craig came to get us on

a huge, high truck!. Apparently, we were to be evacuated, we knew not

where to, but we weren’t allowed to take our animals! I wanted to howl,

but that would have been of no help what-so-ever, to the rescuers, and

would just have wasted precious time and energy, so I knelt down and

spoke to our dog Tippy.

I told him that mummy and daddy would be back soon and that he was

responsible for taking care of the 2 cats. They had enough clean water

and food, the bathroom and shower doors were open –

*they would be OK!



I gave my animals into the Lord’s keeping, then we walked out and

climbed aboard the truck and were taken down the road to a farm house

which had not been touched by the waters. The entire time I was praying,

not for us, but for my animals. Their little faces had been up at the windows

looking out, as we climbed aboard the truck. I had felt as though I were

abandoning my children, but I could not expect rescuers to take my animals

as well as ourselves, and they would NOT leave without us – so we would

have jeopardised everybody’s safety! We all had to make the same choices

and sacrifices, when it came to our pets.


After 2 hours of phutzing about at that farm down the road, not daring to

drink the cups of tea that were being offered, for fear of “wet knickers

syndrome,” and only one loo between the 60 of us, Craig and his brother

went back to their house to see if the waters had touched it. It was still dry,

and so was our place, so we decided to climb back on to the truck and return

to our homes. Our animals were pleased to see us, and I promised them that

we would ‘Never, Ever’ leave them behind again.


The land that our farm was on, was higher than the surrounding district, so we

hadn’t been hit so hard. Just because the water was rather high on one side of

our house though, we went and spent the night at Craig and Lias’ place – and

we took the animals as well, except Evie who was still in the school house

grounds. Later that afternoon, about 5pm, we stood in the trees which

surrounded the property and gazed upon the most horrific sight! A torrent of

water, at least 5 miles across, rushing like the clappers to the sea.


– Totally Surreal!!!!


It carried bits of houses, concrete water troughs, fences, clothing, furniture,

even livestock, bits and pieces of peoples lives, sheets of iron roofs, everything

washing away to the ocean. It seemed as though the whole world was rapidly,

rushing by in that torrent and the roaring of the waters was so loud!!!!!!!!!


….… I had to cover my ears!


Craig fired up the generator and we all sat down to watch ourselves on National

television.The flooded, destroyed roads had cut off all access to us, so we

needed to find out what was actually happening on the otherside of the gap! We

had barbequed sausages, steaks and what ever was left in the fridges and freezers.

There was no electricity, so everything would spoil. It was difficult to sleep with

images of that torrent of rushing water, still in my head. Apparently, we weren’t the

only one’s who were affected. The entire west coast of the lower North Island of NZ

had been hit, from Waitotara, north of Whanganui to the area just south of Foxton on

the Kapiti coast!. That was over a hundred miles of coastline, and some of those

areas were way worse than we were. The clean up would be horrific!!

TBC -Emmi




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