Blinded (when i see you)

What if I fall in love with this job and don’t want to leave.
What if I don’t earn enough money to travel.
What if we do end up traveling and we spend all of our money and get stranded.
What if we fight.
What if we get bored of one another?
What if I never get my full license?
What if I stay the same weight?
What if he meets crystal and falls in love with her?
What if we can’t get a van?
What if he puts in way more money than me and then resents me?
What if I stay ugly for the rest of my life?
What if he realizes we’re too far apart in age and comes to tire of me?
What if I suck at teaching?
What if I never get over this stupid coffee addiction?
What if I stay fat for my whole life?
What if I gain weight on the road?
What if I don’t come back and travel with crystal?
What if he realizes I’m actually really boring and insecure and an idiot?


What if I work my ass off and actually get results

What if I get a whole bunch of money unexpectedly
What if we fall even deeper in love with each other
What if I realize I am actually amazing and beautiful
What if I came to feel really good about my body
What if I learned to be positive all of the time
What if I gave up coffee
What if all the things that I wanted to happen, happened
What if I came to accept my body as it is, and fell in love with who I am
What if I fell in love with myself
What if I came to feel like I was a very sexy person
What if I lost twenty pounds and toned my whole body
What if he met crystal, thought she was cool, and still chose me and wanted me over her
What if I learned to longboard
What if I learned to relax around food
What if I had exactly the body I wanted
What if I left 4cats on fantastic terms
What if we found an amazing perfect van that we could afford
What if I became more and more beautiful with every passing day
What if I stopped comparing myself to others
What if I stopped beating myself up
What if I stopped regretting things
What if I learned to deal with my insecurities in a positive way
What if I followed my dreams
What if I learned to accept myself
What if I gave up sugar
What if all of my cravings disappeared
What if I got to talk to Greg again, and see him

One thought on “Blinded (when i see you)”

  1. Take it one step at a time…things will eventually fall into place. You can’t do it or have it all in one day.

    I hope things work out for you.

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