Gaining Peace of Mind

Being a parent, I have so many things that I fret over every moment of the day. Yes I’m a damn worry wort. I swear having kids has mentally drained me. I remember when I was a carefree, careless, oblivious adult. I really miss those days. Today I purchased additional health coverage just for peace of mind from Family Heritage. It’s actually funny when I think about it. When I was in my early twenties I would have just scoffed at the guy presenting me with this additional because back then I really thought ” there is no way that I will need something that will protect me “if” I ever get any form of cancer”. Now it’s all a worry about, What will happen to us if either me, the father of my kids, or god forbid one of my boys gets diagnosed with cancer. But by paying 140$ for cancer coverage I have that peace of my knowing that if something as horrific as cancer hits my family, I might be emotionally, physically, and mentally drained from it but financially we won’t be screwed.  

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