How music rescues me every time.

Its mad how many people say that their passion is music. When i say music is my life, i also mean it saves my life..

Through all the hardest times in my life I’ve got to the point where i thought i had no one to talk to, i always seem to be able to turn to music.. no matter what the beat or rhythm, its takes me to a whole other world and calms me down to the point that i feel everything might be okay.

When i get to that crazy moment when i feel like i might do something stupid or lose it, i turn on the radio and suddenly all them doubts and frustrations seems to almost disappear.

I always try and explain how much i love music..  i always get questioned with people thinking ill know everything about it… it doesn’t mean i am knowledgeable about every song, or know every band or group, but without music on the dark days.. who knows where i would be now?

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