Sometimes…its only YOU in your life..

I’ve always felt I had the gear under control of my life.. Thing is,  every minute I spend by myself, I can’t help and think.. Is there someone out there that can change something about my life. Give a whole 360 turn for a good.  I don’t necessarily mean a boyfriend, a friend..a real one. 

Circumstances made me loose my best friend, broke my relationship with my “love” BUT those aren’t real problems.. Problem is, I need CHANGE, how can I find happiness, peace within me?

I might be the only one who indeed need help from others but won’t take it. Could it be just stubbornness or ego on my part?


Regardless, I feel incapable of   moving forward, I wish I had some motivation IN me, so I can push myself for a better ME. For ME and no one else… yet I sit here LOST.


Ao many questions and have no answers, I have my feet under cement…. unfortunately

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