The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn


I ate a crap ton today. How am I going to bed hungry? The magic of New York. All that darn walking. And maybe the two cups of green tea I had today.


Anyway, my friend came from LA to visit NY and we hung out at my aunt’s art studio. She’s so crazy and fun. I feel like I’ve known her for years…but in actuality, I really don’t know her at all. After we got Ethiopian food. My first time, as well as I can remember. It is so gratifying to tear a giant circle of spongy bread and scoop up veggie pastes with it. I LOVE tearing food. That’s why I think I’m on this matzah kick. We split the food and paid only $9 each. Who said NY has to be pricey? I am also using my week pass, and it’s pleasant to go in and out of subways without worrying about how much fare you have on your metro card, and the time it’ll take to refill it. I just zoom in and out like a taxi in traffic.


This entry is gonna be random.


I feel like I’m being stared at constantly. Maybe it’s because I have two giant, curtain-less windows in this space and I frequently walk around naked. Yeah, I’m going to have a few stalkers by the end of the month.


Today was monumental. I gathered the nerve to approach an impressive guitarist in the subway. He was playing his music and had cds to sell as well. I gave him my card and told him I’m looking for people to play gigs with. By the time I got out of there, I’d forgotten how awkward and nervous I’d been when he shook my sweaty hand, and was simply struck with excitement. Even if he doesn’t contact me, it was a good step.


Before my friend and I left the Ethiopian restaurant, I asked if they were looking for musicians. They said they had some at one point but the neighbors complained about the racket. But they are thinking about pissing their neighbors off again! So I gave them my card, and mentioned that I perform soft jazz music. Again, I’m just awkward when it comes to this sort of thing. Hey, what a brilliant idea Kristy, let’s tell an Ethiopian restaurant that we want to perform JAZZ music there. Yeah, that’ll work. Nonetheless, it was the first place in New York City that I asked about performing. I consider that an accomplishment. Now, I’m ready to ask EVERY place.


And that’s the thing. Who knows, maybe they will want a jazz musician for some odd reason. You never know. Maybe you should interview for that job you think you’re under qualified for. Maybe you should move across the country for no reason. Maybe you should do things without thinking, no matter how much you’re afraid they won’t work out. What’s the worst that could happen? And now friends, my saying of the year: “Well…what are you gonna do?” I say this when I mess up on something or things don’t work out, or in any unfortunate situation. If you shrug and say to yourself, “What are you gonna do?” It’s so reassuring and comforting.


A woman responded to my pianist ad! And she is MORE than qualified. One look at her website and she was hired. I hope it works out with her. I cannot wait to get started. Every time I see performers in the subways, I am overcome with jealousy and happiness at the same time.


I’m off to bed now. It’s so exciting and magical here. I may have just found the one place I feel happy. Tomorrow I’m going to a mental hospital. FRICK. YES. With my aunt. If you know me, and you don’t because you’re a blog that no one’s going to read, you’ll understand just how excited I am about tomorrow. I thrive on the idea of insane asylums. So excited. More on that tomorrow….

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