Thats okay

For Easter as a kid and growing up my mum got me and my three sisters a gift instead of an egg. One year i even got a laptop another a pair of Timberland boots.. So decent presents but, as weve hgot ollder shes gave us money or an egg. This year i asled in advance could i have a hoodie or two cause the ones i wanted are two for £30 she said no cause im older now and she cant afford to buy us all presents only my younger sister who will soon be 13Fair enough. Dropped it and left it at that. Then AFTER Easter whilst visiting she told me shes thinking of ordering her a 70 something pound hoodie the SAME brand even though my sister dont even wear it. Im sure she does it on purpous and ut pisses me right iff!

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  1. Sorry about the spelling mistakes i cant edit it for some unknown reason and i dont know why the font suddenly changed. I wasnt actually finished venting but.. Oh well. -.-

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