today was okay

     So today was productive. Got a lot of laundry done. Got some appointments scheduled. And a grocery list written. tomorrow the water meter guys are coming to change our meter I guess. I really don’t know they called today to schedule it. only 5 weeks left of school for my girls. Then its SUMMER BREAK!!!! I am so proud of my youngest. Her teacher said she wishes she had a whole classroom of her because then it would be easier to teach. My baby is reading 2 grade books in kindergarten.

Anyways…. I guess I will keep you updated on her blood work results. Hopefully she doesn’t have hypothyroidism. But I would like to know why she is so tired all the time and sleeps for so long. Will find out on Monday.

Thinking about selling our xbox360, Kinect, and a whole bunch of games. We never play it anymore and we have a PS3, Wii, and Wii U. Someone will enjoy it. Im just not sure because it has the Kinect and you don’t need to use a controller to do movements. idk.  well get back at ya tomorrow…..


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