ahhh yes the the looming date is coming up this sat. i shouldnt say looming im excited for it. but at the same time sacred. i think the other person is moving way to fast. we talked on the phone today for a good two hours. it was a nice talk but i can sure ramble. ha she had deja vu with me and i said i may be one of your pattern women. funny how we keep going for the same type of people even though after a break up we swear that type of personality off. i havent been feeling too good the past few days psychically. havent been sleeping well either. my mind has been ramped with thoughts that would stop till the situations and worrys are fixed. which is normal for anyone in my book. its weird. i have a new found feeling of a new self but at the same time im fighting the old me. idk anymore. im getting kinda tired of reading into every little thing. i dont feel like i make sense anymore. i really dont think i ever have thats why i look for it in everything else and other people, cause i dont see it in me.

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