Just Rambling



Wondering why I’m still up? It’s school holidays and I can’t sleep. I only have 4 days left though too I’m back 🙁

I’m quite stressed because I have two assignments due on the first week and I have a topic test for history I need to story which im likely to fail and I had this presentation I had to present for English but I didn’t present before the term ended and I’m going to have too and Omg I have half yearly assessments

Last night was quite hectic, my mum told me that my dad wanted to send me to the council because I wasn’t a good kid and they don’t want me around. I actually don’t mind having my parents not around because I like it that way.

I don’t want to go to the council though, my parents really don’t care about me. They don’t care what I want, they just do whatever they want.

I don’t really like the way I am, the way I look and act. I’ve actually changed the way I act because I use to act like a bitch until I realised in year 7 or 8. When I moved to my new school nearly half the year called me a bitch and they don’t even know me. I’m lucky enough to have few friends.

i actually recently got in touch with an old friend, it was great. We were talking for HOURS nonstop! We actually lost contact when she moved schools in year 7. I really want to see her because she’s actually my true friend and I haven’t seen her in four years!

I’m so down all the time, I don’t always write because I’m lazy and I never feel like doing anything ..



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