I love my Sundays

Most people look forward to Fridays or Saturdays but as for me those days are too chaotic. Sundays are filled with morning church service, movie rentals, sports games and family time, Best day of the week, its the one day of the week that house chores are at a minimum of dishes and laundry. It’s just a day for me and my men to chill and enjoy each others company. Except for today everyone is doing separate things, Mason is watching a movie in his room, Scott is lounging in the bedroom watching ESPN, my sister and I are watching Don Jon in the living room, and  Logan is quietly brooding in his room over still being grounded. I’m sticking to the plan of making Logan earn back his privileges even though Scott (my sons dad) doesn’t have faith that it will work. He’s not offering up any constructive suggestions on what we can do to help Logan work on fixing his behavioral issues. Since he is so opposed to therapist what am I suppose to do. Logan can be a good kid, he knows the difference between right and wrong but he is like most kids and makes mistakes that tend to be pretty big mistakes. He knows the consequences of his actions but that seems to not be enough to deter him from choosing to do the wrong thing. I think that by making him earn his privileges back will hopefully make him pause and think before he does something that he knows will potentially get him grounded. Hopefully today ends good I would love a drama free day today.

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