Hello! I’m XIV and you have no idea how much convincing it took to let I give me permission to get this account. (He’s still not too happy about my Quotev) But, he HAS  to keep a constant watch over everything I put on here so annoying! I and II can be complete asses sometimes, so we were all surprised when they said that today was a free day from “practice” Though, it was probably because he didn’t want his precious “equipment” getting all muddy and having us drag it in and out of the house. So what did I do on my day off you ask? Well of course I spent it watching anime, yaoi and reading manga! Yes, I’m a yaoi fan! Don’t like it? FOOLS! (Soul Eater reference!) Don’t know what it is? You should look it up! Hehe. That is, if your old enough! So I have this bad habit of writing VERY explicit yaoi between the thirteen guys I live with and I always make sure to hide it well. I’m already a newbie and am the punching bag of the group so if they found my yaoi stash who knows what will happen?! I found out what happens because XII is a jerk and likes to go through my stuff and found it and showed it to EVERYONE! It was so embarrassing, but guess what I made him do. I made him do the walk of shame and walk to the store (we don’t use cars in the rain. Besides our legs aren’t broken!) This was also in the rain. I made him go to the store and buy me chocolate, pickle chips, pizza, midol and tampons. If only you knew how embarrassed and angry he was! XII is one who hates doing stuff like that so PERFECT PUNISHMENT! Think I’ll watch some old yaoi before bed. Sensitive Pornagraph here I come!


Signing off


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  1. I literally just stumbled onto this site and found multiple posts by you in the public section and oh my – you are quite possibly the the most interesting person I’ve ever.. ‘discovered’.

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