My Thoughts That Night. For Him.

I’d been liked this since the day when you said that you were in love with me. I’m emotionally tired and I know it’s because of you. I can’t figure out if I was already in love with you even before you said that our relationship was more than friends. I’m missing you more each day and I know it’s not healthy for me. Missing you gets me into a realm and I can’t even get out of it. you did proved to me that I’m important and special but I think it wasn’t enough to take away all my doubts. Plus the fact that you are living miles away from me. I can’t even see or touch you and it pains me. There are times that I just wanna cry for missing you so much. It’s funny that I learned to wait for you and be happy with a simple conversation. It’s funny how can I manage to send you messages with I Missed You. This is not me! And I hate it. I wanna go back to my old self where I can manage my emotions. This is not me, making confession. I wanna seek for pieces of advice but there is no one around me who knows what I’m going through. I can’t believed that this is really happening. Am I in love? What should I do? I’m hurting because I don’t know what is gong on with myself. I think I’m in love with you. Should I continue loving you and be hurt at the same time? or should I stop loving you and regret at the end, saying, “You’re worth the pain but I didn’t have the enough courage to take the pain of loving you?” Tell me, what should I do? I wanna stop at this very moment but I don’t think I can take the pain. Just to think that I’ll lose you any time, it breaks my heart. Is this reason enough to hold on with you?

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