This sums up my week

I love my kids don’t get me wrong. Generally they are very good. But for some reason this week they have been switch hitting me with there bad behavior. Mostly my 9 yr old but my 3 yr old has had his moments this week. I had to step away for a minute to cool off. I think as parents that we all need to take a step back before we react to whatever our child has manage to destroy or get into. My youngest Mason completely destroyed my android tablet today, I had to take a step back on that one. Once I did I brushed it off because I really don’t use it, he is the one who plays on it. My 9 yr old, Logan on the other had has managed to get himself grounded and has made me reevaluate his reward and punishment system. Let me start off by saying he was diagnosed with ADHD at the end of his Kindergarten year. I knew what it was the 1st time he got into trouble in school but his dad was in complete denial and was completely opposed to putting him on medication or talking to a therapist. Well after Logan’s 2nd suspension during his Kindergarten year, his dad finally caved on the medicine part, but continues to fight me on the talking to a therapist part. Plus it doesn’t help that Logan’s pediatrician said that before sending Logan to see a therapist we can switch his meds and dosage to see how he does with that. I honestly think that after 3 yrs of being on medicine it’s just not enough. Since on his new meds he hasn’t gotten into too much trouble mostly not following direction, and not staying in seat. That was until this week when his punched another student in the face on purpose. He admitted to it and apologized for lashing out but there is no excuse for it. He is grounded until he can earn enough points by doing household chores to get out of being grounded. He has no TV privileges, no toys or games in his room, he is confined to his room to either read or write. We started this today and so far he has earned 60 out of the 500 points he needs to get his privileges back. On a good note my 3 yr old has grown out of his “No Mommy” phase.

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