Today was…interesting. After waking up from a dream about giant bugs bunny (yea I don’t know either) due to stupid thunder and I banging on my door I went outside in POURING rain, lighting, thunder and a billion mph wind to help bring the rest of the “training equipment” we were too lazy to bring in yesterday all the way to the back entryway. And that isn’t an easy thing to do in the mud!

After a well earned shower I just spent some time in my room playing video games until the power went out. It was terrifying! Someone who isn’t afraid of a fight to the death is scared of a little storm? Don’t you make fun of me! I ran out of my room and literally jumped over the railing and right into XIII lap! Super blush!

As nice as he is to me he didn’t hesitate to make fun of me. Oh well! He’s the only one who can do that and get away with it…except for I and II. I go against them that’s pretty much asking for a death sentence! Anyway, we just kinda huddled around each other with candles and talked until the power came back on.

It’s still pouring outside and the power might go out again unfortunately. Why can’t the weather have normal behavior? It’s not supposed to be bipolar! You’re not Alois Trancy here! HA!

Signing off


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