Don’t you judge me!

I’m so embarrassed! So I was in my room listening to Kesha and Lady Gaga. I know what you’re thinking and I like their music so deal with it! Anyway, I was in my room blaring your love is my drug and singing it loud! I was changing and decided it would be a good idea to start dancing around my room in my sports bra and black shorts. I didn’t hear my bedroom door open and I, II, III … well everyone in the house saw me dancing around, singing in my bra!

Talk about super blush when I finally noticed! V said my face put a tomato to shame! That’s the down side of being the only girl in a house of all boys. When I saw them they didn’t bother to look away or close the door! They just stared at me until I walked over and slowly closed the door in their faces.

Well…everyone in the house has seen me half naked. Not sure how to feel about that. A little grossed out because I and II didn’t stop looking at me and they’re the oldest in the house! Or maybe I’m just that good looking. Just kidding! I’m not that self centered!

Signing off


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