The life i got stuck with.. great.

Right so basically..

all my life i have been a little chubbier than all my friends. I’ve never known why though, i don’t eat much and is rare that i just sit down all day doing nothing.

Every diet I’ve tried nothing really works, i done slim fast in January and i managed to lose a stone and then i got so stressed at college i didn’t carry on with it so I’ve put half a stone back on, i’m constantly conscious about my body and literally cant stand the way i look.. i look in the  mirror and i hate what stares back at me.

People say i shouldn’t worry, I’ve found a man who loves me and that nobody judges me but its not for him, or anyone else, its for me and how i feel.

its not nice waking up everyday and getting dressed thinking that whatever you wear is going to make you look massive either way.

I aaaaalways used to get bullied for being bigger, even by one part of my family for year. It has made me soo down and depressed, you’d think it would give me the motivation to do something about it but it just doesn’t.



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  1. You should check out something called insulin resistance. Basically your insulin doesn’t work right and it causes your body to store all your carbs to fat deposits before your body even has a chance to use it. So basically you will gain weight from eating next to nothing. This is not diabetes but another condition you can be born with that deals with insulin.

  2. Sweetpea_1978 should I aak my doctor about it.. is it treatable??

    and deadlyfallenrose ohright okay, I know its horrible it feels like im the only one sometimes!

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