I hate my body. Not just weight. I wish I could get plastic surgery and change how my face is. Ugly. I’ve been all my life. Now I have fatness to add to it. Need to eat better. Or just not eat at all. Having 2 kids and being home and not working has put weight on me. Blah. nothing i do helps. Diets, I can’t stuck to them. Bf doesn’t really help either. I’d like to 100 lbs. But that will never happen. Unless I can NOT eat. That’d be nice.  But I know won’t happen. Last time I weighed myself was last week and it went over 200 I stepped off the scale. Talk about disgusting….and bf looking and liking picturesof women that are probably around that weight. I just sound jealous when it’s me that I’m not happy with. Wanna be alone. Don’t get that anymore ….

One thought on “Truth”

  1. don’t talk like that about yourself…you must be proud about what you are and who you are…..nobody is perfect…weight does not define who you are and what you are :):):)
    be optimistic always!!!!!!!!!!


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